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General Manager’s letter


I am proud to inform through this letter that Juveness Mexicana SA de CV, the company I represent, has adopted the Corporate Social Responsibility decalogue, which aims to promote the conciliation between the interests and process of the company with the values and demands of the society. The decalogue establish:

The Socially Responsible Company:

1. Promotes and propels a responsable competitiveness culture that seeks business success while contributing to society’s well-being.
2. Publishes it’s values, fights corruption practices both internally and externally, and works accordingly to it’s ethical code.
3.Operates on schemes of participative leadership, solidarity, service and respect to both human rights and human dignity.
4. Promotes labor conditions that are favourable to good quality of life, human and profesional development for all the community (workers, their families, shareholders and suppliers).
5. Respect the environment in all operative and commercializing processes. Also the company contributes to preserve the environment.
6. Identify the needs of the society and its operational environment and collaborates to fulfill them, impulsing development and improvement of quality of life.
7. Identifies and supports social endeavours as a part of its business strategy.
8. Invests time, talent and resources in helping the communities on which it operates.
9. Participates in the discussion, proposals and attention to social matters of public interest, by means of inter-sectorial alliances with other companies, civil associations, industrial chambers, groups and/or the government.
10. Involves and consideres the personal, shareholders and suppliers in its investment and social development programs.

With nothing else to add, I remain at your disposition.