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Juveness effects on the skin

Juveness is a derma-revitalizing crème, and one of its functions is to help regenerate and transport dead skin cells to the surface. Therefore, you may trust that at the beginning of your Juveness routine, you start a cleansing process of grease spots that accumulate on the sebaceous glands.

According to our experience of more than forty years, Juveness has shown that its crème helps control grease, as well as dim any imperfection caused by acne. However, since we are aware that acne is caused basically by an excessive activity of the sebaceous glands on the skin stimulated by hormones that appear during puberty, we suggest a daily cleansing routine before using Juveness.

The exclusive Juveness formula brings a penetrating treatment that helps hydrate, moisturize and smooth normal skin or skin with the propensity to be greasy. Nevertheless, try applying Juveness A Natural Habit on the contour of the eyes and in fewer quantities over the rest of the skin. If the shinny appearance persists or a greasy sensation is felt on the skin, remove the excess with a tissue.

In the case of simple dermatitis – swelling or redness of the skin- the experts recommend a cleansing routine with natural products and the recovery of lost moisture. Aware of this problem, Juveness recommends the daily use of Juveness Plus or Light – according to the gravity of the problem – since as in every 100% natural products its raw materials are cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and their formulas are elaborated without preservatives, colorants or synthetic perfumes.

Juveness does not contain blockers. If you have the habit of using sun blockers, we recommend you chose one that is water based and free of oils and use it once Juveness A Natural Habit is assimilated by your skin.

Juveness is a face cream that may help to diminish light spots or age spots on the skin. The spots that normally appear on women’s skin around the age of 30, are the result of sun exposure, hormonal changes during pregnancy or the use of contraceptives, or a deficiency in iron, calcium, Vitamin A, E or B. The so called age spots that appear on the arms, hands, chest, neck and face are a consequence of hormonal changes and sun exposure without protection. Furthermore, some medicines, acne, small irritation caused by shaving or scratching can cause light spots on male skin, which intensify when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Although it is impossible to avoid exposure to the sun, we can take precautions. In case any facial spot changes colour, appearance, if they hurt or ooze, Juveness recommends a medical evaluation.

Because of its formula rich in nutrients, Bio plant extracts and natural essential oils, Juveness is good for all skin types and tones, age and sex.

From its first application you will appreciate the repairing effects of Juveness: improvement on skin’s appearance, texture and luminosity and a healthy tone. You will notice better elasticity and firmness as well as an effective reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Juveness is a natural formula, backed and credited by forty years of experience in the cosmetic market. In using any of its products, you can be confident that they work in any kind of skin tone and type no matter age or sex.

Sure, Juveness is effective on the face, neck and any part of the human body.

You should choose the Juveness product that soothes more likely to your skins characteristics. See descriptions below:

Juveness Plus is a natural cosmetic, conceived for mature skin that requires a greater cellular regeneration. Its original formula brings a penetrating treatment that helps reaffirm, tone and rehydrate dry skin as well as skin damaged by hormonal changes, exposure to sun and a prolonged exposure to environmental pollutants and everyday stress.

Juveness Light is a crème conceived for young skin types or for skin that has not been exposed to the sun or contaminants. Its exclusive formula has a protective and preventive effect that provides a penetrating treatment that helps hydrate, moisturize and smooth normal skin or skin with greasy propensity or mixed tendency. At the same time, it reduces any imperfection caused by acne, as well as preventing the early formation of fine lines.

Juveness Homme is a natural non greasy crème, conceived for skin that has been exposed to ultraviolet radiation and prone to dehydration and premature deterioration due to the daily aggression from shaving. Its exceptional formula has a renovative and toning effect that brings an original penetrating treatment that helps protect male skin form exterior aggressions, soothes shaving irritation, prevents cutaneous wear and tear, repairs existing lines and wrinkles, hydrates and regenerates.

Juveness offers natural cosmetic products for both sexes: Juveness Plus, Juveness Light and Juveness Homme.