Juveness Cream & Soap

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Juveness Cream & Soap Pack

Get all the Juveness benefits in one package (anti-wrinkle cream and moisturizing soap). Keeps your skin hydrated and shinning all day long, tones and protects from deterioration caused by UV. Nourishes and softens your skin thanks to their natural oils (Olive, Vitamin E). Antioxidant soap. It is great for removing impurities, It has firming properties and helps toning all type skins.

You can choose one type of cream (Juveness Plus, Juveness Light, Juveness Homme) and one aroma soap (Green Tea, Temazcal, Aloe Vera, Sulphur, Sandalwood, Mint, Grapefruit).


Face Cream Size: 50 gr (3.22 Oz).

Soap Size: 100 gr (3.52 Oz)