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Terms and Conditions

Juveness Mexicana SA de CV lets you know that upon entering our website and performing one or many purchases you have read and accepted the conditions, guidelines, rights and restrictions mentioned as follows.

Juveness Mexicana SA de CV reserves the right to modify the present document at the time and under the circumstances that are most convenient, these changes being suitable and valid at the moment of its publication.

After completing a purchase in our website it is essential to have read the following document:

Acceptance of legal terms. In order for us to offer a safe and trusting climate for our customers, some rules and terms have been established to define responsibilities and rights for Juveness Mexicana SA de CV as well as for our client.

Privacy Policies. Juveness Mexicana SA de CV counts with all corresponding security certifications so all purchases through the Internet are safe in our portal.

All personal data that are entered, like name, address, phone, email, credit card number, are completely confidential and safe. The transactions conducted in our portal are reassured through PayPal confidentiality where encoded information is handled with the best software in the industry. Through this arrangement Juveness Mexicana SA de CV has no access to your credit card data.

When you buy through our site, you will not have to send the information on your credit or debit card through e-mail or call by phone to validate them. The entire process will be made automatically and safely through PayPal.

When you use our site, register as a client and when you use our services the user will ask for you consent for the collection and use of your information by Juveness Mexicana SA de CV according to the details in this document:

Information Confidentiality

When you find yourself inside the Juveness Mexicana SA de CV website and your personal information is required, you will share the information only with the site, unless otherwise specified.

Juveness Mexicana SA de CV will not share this information with third parties, with the exception of having deliberate authorization from who subscribed on site, or if required by judicial order to comply with litigation dispositions.

All information added and/or personal information that is obtained by the user for the use of will constitute a data base, property of Juveness Mexicana SA de CV, information that is stored for protection and to avoid its loss, as well as its inadequate use or alteration. Furthermore, it is to be known by the client that such information will help diagnose problems with the Server and the administration of

The user recognizes and accepts that Juveness Mexicana SA de CV does not obtain personal information automatically, but otherwise requires the user to provide the information directly through or other means. It is in the user’s sole discretion, without any responsibility towards Juveness Mexicana SA de CV to provide personal information to receive different products, services or information form other areas of
Juveness Mexicana SA de CV can issue statistics in conjunction with the users (for example, the percentage of the users who are male or of a certain age, etc) to describe our services or other legal purposes in case the law requires it.
Juveness Mexicana SA de CV can diffuse account information in special cases when providing this information can help identify, locate or realize legal actions against people who may infringe the conditions of service of Juveness Mexicana SA de CV website, or cause damage or interference over the rights of Juveness Mexicana SA de CV or its properties, of other site users or any third person who may result damaged for said activities.
Juveness Mexicana SA de CV can distribute or obtain access to the information on you account when, acting in good faith, we believe it is necessary for legal or administrative reasons and we consider it necessary to maintain, provide and develop our services and products.
Juveness Mexicana SA de CV does not assume any obligation to maintain confidential any other information that the user provides through bulletins or discussions on line.
The opinions, declarations, affirmations and testimonials within this web page are conclusions and opinions provided by third parties and must be understood as such. Among these third parties there are testimonials provided by doctors and professionals, testimonials provided by clients, opinions given on Internet forums and scientific texts that talk about the efficiency of the components of our products.
Information modification and actualization. The personal details provided by the user will make up an archive that will contain a profile. The user may modify his or her profile at any moment using their assigned or chosen user number and their personal identification number.

Juveness Mexicana SA de CV advises the user to actualize his or her personal information every time these suffer a modification, since this will provide a better more professional and personalized service.

Personal Information Protection

The information provided by the user, is secured by a personal identification number which may only be accessed by the user and will only be known by the user.
We recommend that you do not reveal your password to anyone. Juveness Mexicana SA de CV will not solicit your password during any phone call or email message.
At all times, the user is the only one responsible to maintain secret his or her user number, personal password, access code and confidential number with which he or she has access to the services and contents of our web site.
To diminish risks, Juveness Mexicana SA de CV recommends its users to exit their account and close their browser window when the activity is finished, even more so if they share their computer with someone or they use a computer in a public place like a library or Internet Café. Once the information is received, we will do everything in our power to safe keep your safety in our systems. On this subject, the team of collaborators of Juveness Mexicana SA de CV have focused their efforts in offering the most modern and up to date technology available with the object of offering the best security possible.

Purchasing Process

The delivery of merchandise will take place within 4 business days once the order is processed and liquidated; Juveness Mexicana SA de CV is responsible for the delivery of the product to the shipping company as well as the package follow-up in transit. In case the delivery is not made within the above mentioned time lapse due to circumstances and responsibility of the shipping company, Juveness Mexicana SA de CV is not responsible and remains exempt from any compromise of delivery.
To be able to comply with the delivery it is necessary that the billing and shipping addresses contain the complete information as well as the payment confirmation through PayPal.
We reserve the right to not deliver at P.O. Boxes.
International deliveries are not available, except where international electronic commerce is available.
The cost of the product includes shipping and taxes.
All our shipping is made by Estafeta.
To know the status of your product, enter the guide number on the page
Our purchase orders are processed in less than 96 hours. Orders received after 1:00 pm will be processed on the next business day. The delivery of the merchandise will be executed approximately four business days once the purchase order is processed.
Purchase Guide. Once a product is selected for its purchase you will do as follows:

The selected products will appear in the Shopping Cart.
Delivery information will indicate the address where the products will be delivered.
Payment form indicates the way the payment of the products will be carried out.
Confirmation indicates that the company will give the user an order number for the tracking of the purchase.
Payment form: PayPal

Protection against fraudulent E-mails

At PayPal the safety of your account is our primary objective. Lately, some PayPal users have informed us of the existence of suspicious e mails and fake websites. These emails are not sent by PayPal and by responding to them can jeopardize the safety of your account. To protect your PayPal account, pay close attention to the emails that you receive and websites you visit. Apply the following safety tips in the safe use of PayPal:

Safe identification: to start you session in your PayPal account or to access the web site, open up a new browser window (for example: Internet Explorer or Netscape) and introduce the following address:

Greeting: The PayPal emails will be addressed to you by your name and last name or by the name of the company associated to your PayPal account. The fraudulent emails include the greeting “Dear PayPal User”.

Attached email files: On PayPal emails you will never be required to download attachments or software programs. The fraudulent emails often contain virus that can damage your computer or jeopardize your PayPal account.

The asking of personal information: If we need to ask for information, we will notify you via email and we will ask for you to enter information only once you have started a session in a safe way in your PayPal account.

Frequently, fraudulent emails ask for details like full name, account password, credit card number, bank account, PIN number, or account number.

Payment policies and merchandise

Juveness Mexicana SA de CV reserves the right to solicit official documents to its clients, as a means to validate the purchasing process of its products through the Internet and phone sales.
The order number assigned when the transaction is conducted at the website does not imply the acceptance of the transaction. In case a problem with your purchase should arise, this will be notified to you via email and/or telephone.
If the delivery time offered of 4 business days after the confirmation of your order is not of your satisfaction, you can ask for a cancelation of the order.
Prices. The prices published at are exclusive for this channel; they do not apply for direct sales and can change without further notice.

If for any reason the price is seen as $0.00 or $0.01, we beg you to get in contact with us at the Customer Service office where one of our executives will help you and provide the correct price for the article.
By no means should this mean the product has no price or is a gift and the orders conducted under these circumstances will be cancelled without further notice.
Product specifications. The characteristics and specifications of the products, jars and packages can change without prior notice. This is due to the constant change in image that takes place within the company to create a more satisfactory product, and in doing so the photograph that is shown may not wholly correspond to the product but relate to a similar product up until the moment an actualization is made of our website.

Return Policies

You may ask for a change of merchandise or the return of your money when the products arrive damaged and you do this within 24 hours of having received your order.
Juveness Mexicana SA de CV is not responsible for damages in the parking where the shipping company is responsible.
It is necessary to present the merchandise just as it was delivered, the original receipt, and in its case, the invoice.
You can also contact us at the Customer Service Center where one of our executives will indicate the steps to program the return of your merchandise.
The return will be subject to the time we receive your product and the proper investigation and analysis of the situation is conducted.
The cost for the return of the merchandise will be charged on the client.
Types of return. To ask for a return of any product the following options can be considered:

Evaluation by specialized personnel: in case of the package having an imperfection and said package is within guaranteed time, or in case that the shipping company be responsible.
Physical exchange of the merchandise: You will indicate the motive of the exchange and the specifications.
If the exchange takes place, this will be sent to your home. The returned product has to be in perfect conditions, alongside it packing and original tags.
There are no physical exchanges if the product is opened or more than ¼ of the product has been used.
The exchange of the product will be cancelled in case of allergic reactions since the product counts with precautionary notices and the use of the product is responsibility of each client.
If the motive for the exchange is attributed to Juveness Mexicana SA de CV, that is, if we send you the wrong product or a product that is faulty, an apology and new product will be sent to you free of charge. On the contrary, if the exchange is attributed to our clients, the shipping charge will be charged to our clients.
The return of money will be made through check, issued by Juveness Mexicana SA de CV.


There are no returns on the following conditions:

The jar does not coincide with the batch number with which it was sent.
The formula in the product has been altered.
The formula has been manipulated, dirty, etc.
If more than ¼ of the product has been used.
If you have any doubts we appreciate it if you contact our Customer Service Center. We are also available on our email at:

Shipping of products

The time of delivery starts when the payment confirmation by PayPal has been notified, this will be sent to the Client via email in a period no larger than 24 hours.
With the purpose of bringing you more safety in your delivery, all of our merchandise travels insured.
At the time of delivery in your home, the person receiving the merchandise will have to present official identification (passport, FM2, driver’s license) therefore we ask you have these documents at hand when delivery takes place.
Juveness Mexicana SA de CV, though shipping, commits itself to delivering your merchandise in the allotted time and available access to the place of delivery.
Under special circumstances, Juveness Mexicana SA de CV will conduct the delivery through a third party.
At the time of delivery, with your product you will be given a shipping contract that protects our Clients and Juveness Mexicana SA de CV. This may be a purchase note or invoice as required at the purchase time.


Cancellations can only be made before the product is delivered. On the contrary, it is not possible to make a cancellation once the merchandise is en route.
The cost of shipping of the merchandise to our headquarters will be absorbed by the client.
At the time we are given the returned merchandise by the shipping service we will contact you to confirm the replacement of the product or the refund by check.
If the returned product should have a defect or is not the one you asked for, the refund will be 100% of the purchasing price plus shipping costs that you paid to make the exchange. For this you should send a copy of the receipt or invoice of the shipping company you hired.
The process of refunding will be realized once an analysis by our experts has been made to determine the defect of the product or an error by our personal is detected.
If it is change of merchandise, you will absorb the shipping cost of the product you are returning and the new product will be shipped free of charge.


In case you require an invoice for the total amount of your purchase you may ask for it at the time of purchase or during the next 15 days following the purchase. You can enter your name, tax id number or fiscal address.
If the shipping address and the fiscal address match, the invoice will be sent with the package. If these to not match, please indicate the shipping address of your documents adding the shipping cost of the invoice.
The shipping of documents has an additional cost of $30 pesos within Mexico.
If you should lose your invoice, we will not be able to produce a new one for fiscal disposition; instead we will provide you with a copy with no fiscal value.