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About us

JUVENESS is a Mexican company with more than forty years of experience in the improvement of a prodigious cosmetic formula, inspired in beauty traditions and avant-garde technology for the treatment of the skin.

Engaged with nature and conscious of the need to respect the environment, JUVENESS rescues the ecologic awareness and the handcrafting traditions for making its products with many benefits for the skin.

This awareness stems from the fusion of Mesoamerican traditions and natural cosmetic knowledge given to Mexico by European immigrants during the 20th century. From this compromise arises: JUVENESS “A Natural Habit”

In harmony with ancestral wisdom, the regenerative powers of nature and a philosophy of those who respect their bodies, JUVENESS uses the prairies, forests and orchards in the Valley of Mexico and the Sierra Madre that surround the Valley to supply itself with its natural benefits: mineral and vegetable oils amazing smoothing properties, natural waxes with protective qualities, plants that contain active substances and vitamins with hydrating, reaffirming and toning virtues, as well as fruits that contribute with essential nutrients that vitalize and help regenerate tissue and fade away wrinkles and fine lines on the face.


JUVENESS brand is currently sold throughout e-commerce (México and USA), (USA) and two boutiques: the main one being in Puebla and another branch in Mexico City; and its distributors all around Mexico and USA.

We currently export our products to USA and Canada.


A facial beauty treatment in this unique cream presentation: with its natural formula (no added conservatives). Its great efficiency in skin care resides in the active almond, wheat and jojoba essential oils.

From the first application on your face and neck you will notice the great benefits of this cosmetic treatment.


JUVENESS “A Natural Habit” re-establishes the skin’s original moisture and elasticity. Meanwhile, it remarkably reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles resulting in a softer and smoother skin.


With the daily application of JUVENESS “A Natural Habit”, you will have an amazing skin: incredibly soft, elastic, healthy and shimmering. Its natural components have a positive power helping with skin repair. It is safe and effective to apply in any part of the face or neck.

As a complete beauty treatment it is highly recommended to use during day and night.

With its natural ingredients, free from conservatives and synthetic perfumes, this cosmetic becomes a hypoallergenic product, causing no side effects.


WARNING: our products contain natural oils and extracts from almons, wheat and sunflowers and jojoba oils, it is not recommended to use if you are allergic to any of this components.


JUVENESS FACE CREAMS are available in three different formulas and sizes:


  • Young skins, which have been less exposed to the sun and pollution.
  • Normal -oily skins.
  • Fades away any imperfection caused by acne.
  • Helps prevent the early appearance of fine skin lines.


  • Mature skins that require cell renewal.
  • It is a depth beauty treatment, which moisturises and nourishes, with a repairing effect of hydrating mistreated dry skins.
  • Also used for the disappearing of the spots peculiar to the age & sun exposure.


  • For irritated skins: caused by environment and daily shaving aggression.
  • Skins exposed to ultraviolet solar radiations.
  • Fades away fine lines and wrinkles; nourishes, moisturises and helps renew the skin.


  • You will perceive significant improvement in your appearance.
  • Feeling a more smooth and softened skin.
  • More skin firmness, elasticity and tonicity.
  • Fades away fine lines spots and wrinkles.